thank you  to  our  supporters

The students who created appear elsewhere on the site, talking on camera about their experiences. Many other people worked long hours behind the scenes.

We are deeply indebted to Attorney Allie O’Connor, the Contracts Manager in the University of Oregon’s Office of Purchasing and Contracting Services. She worked almost every day for weeks, helping us to negotiate agreements with USRowing and the US Olympic Committee. Creating the website would not have been possible without her. Thanks also to Catherine Susman, the UO’s Director of Purchasing and Contracting Services.

Kay Coots and Susan Dernbach in the UO’s Office of Risk Management spent many hours negotiating insurance issues. They interfaced with the Oregon University System, which administers Oregon’s seven public universities, and also with the State of Oregon’s Department of Administrative Services.

Allison Frederick is USRowing’s Communications Manager. She served as J/ROW’s liaison with USRowing, facilitated our visit to the Olympic Training Center, assisted our team on site in numerous ways and continues to help us with enthusiasm. Thanks also to USRowing’s CEO, Glenn Merry.

The US Men’s Rowing Team Head Coach, Tim McLaren, supported the project from the outset. Despite his many responsibilities, he was open and accessible during our visit.

Despite their rigorous workout schedules, the athletes training for the US Men’s Team were accessible to our multimedia journalists, went out of their way to cooperate and made us feel welcome.

Tamera Reub is the US Olympic Committee’s Archive Licensing Coordinator and was our primary contact with the USOC. Thanks also to Steve L. Levine, the USOC’s Director of Risk Management, and Amy Savela, the USOC’s Associate General Counsel, Marketing.

Ed Madison is a Graduate Teaching Fellow, a doctoral student and the Instructor for the Workshop in Mobile Media Production at the UO School of Journalism and Communication (SOJC). He and his students produced an iPad app and website called OR Magazine. It profiles the J/ROW project among other aspects of life at the University of Oregon, and it may be acquired through Apple’s App Store and also viewed at

Thanks also to the SOJC’s Dean, Professor Tim Gleason; Associate Dean Professor Julianne Newton; Instructor Dan Morrison; Communications Director Andrea Kowalski; and Chambers Electronic Media Center Manager Matt Schmidt. Thanks also to Martha Shumaker, Executive Director of the San Diego Crew Classic; and to UO student Erik Maurer, who supplied much of the footage in the About-Behind the Scenes section.
Finally, many thanks to Paul Reed Smith for permission to use the song "Jenna's Eyes" in the About-Behind the Scenes section; the song was composed by Ralph Perucci and performed by Paul Reed Smith & Dragons.